Monoi oil: Natural beauty care

Monoi de Tahiti is a natural product that allows relaxation of the body and mind by provoking new sensations. An inexhaustible source of wellbeing, Monoi oil has been used for thousands of years by the Maohi as a massage oil. The ritual massage of Polynesia known as Taurumi is a moment of pleasure that re-establishes the circulation of energies and inspires the magical strength of the islands. It breaks down the boundaries between body and mind for an incredible feeling of wellbeing.

Useful tips:

In the bath: To make bath-time a wonderfully relaxing moment, while protecting the skin from chlorine and hard water, pour a few drops into bathwater for an instant fragrance of delicacy and enchantment.

To massage:
Put a small amount of oil into the palm of the hand, then rub hands together to warm the oil before applying to the body. Massage by following the energy lines that are positioned around the body. Start from the top of the head and work down to the soles of the feet.

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