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Organic beauty products from Tahiti
Tahitian Tamanu oil wholesale

Certified Organic Tahitian Tamanu oil – 100% natural This 100% pure tahitian Tamanu oil, also considered as the Green Gold of skin care in the South Pacific islands is a miracle oil for the skin. Tamanu oil wholesale is now available
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Certified Organic Tahitian Tamanu oil Wholesale

Tahiti Organics is a wholesale distributor of authentic personal care products made from french polynesian ingredients. Tahitian Tamanu oil is a natural skin healing product now available worldwide: We ship to our customers based in Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Chili, Malaysia,
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Tamanu oil: Natural remedy for Herpes or Cold Sores

Herpes is a common infection that cause blisters and ulcers on the mouth, face and genitals. To cure it, the natural antiseptic and healing power of the Tamanu oil is very effective. Useful tips: Apply Tamanu oil locally on the
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